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Our School Values: Honesty: We always tell the truth and earn the trust of each other. Friendship: We are kind in our thoughts, words and actions. Respect must be earned and maintained through our actions and behaviour. Perseverance: We learn positively from our mistakes and never give up. Ambitious: We dream big dreams and we want the best for our future. Resilience: We find the courage to ovecome the obstacles and challenegs we face in our lives. Responsibility: We take responsibility for our actions, our learning and our environment.
Telephone 02920 733694

Foundation Phase/Infant Staff 2017-2018


Nursery Teacher: Mrs D. Chapman (am) / Mrs S. Gallivan (pm)

Nursery Teaching Assistants:

Mrs M.Hooper

Mrs J.West

Miss Bailey

Mrs K. Fitzsimmons (pm)


Reception Teachers: Miss K. Lynham and Miss F.John

Reception Teaching Assistants:

Miss A.Wessen

Mrs E Tapper


Year 1 Teachers:  Mrs M. McCrann and Miss A. Binstead

Year 1 Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S. Stimpson (am)


Year 2 Teachers:  Miss R Lane and Mr H. Fleet

Year 2 Teaching Assistant: 

Mrs A O' Rourke

Mrs C Smith

Mrs H McTavish



PPA Teachers : Mrs P Jarvis

                        Mrs D Chapman