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We will be trustworthy, honest, polite and speak respectfully. We will treat everybody equally and let everyone feel they belong to our school family. We will act, play and move around the school safely showing care and consideration to one another keeping hands, feet and hurtful words to ourselves. We will care for each other, materials, equipment, property and our environment. We will follow directions given by staff first time. We will tell a member of staff if we are worried, upset, hurt or bullied. We will wear the correct uniform.
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Year 1

Folly Farm Trip

Folly Farm Trip 1 We loved looking at all of the farm animals.
Folly Farm Trip 2
Folly Farm Trip 3 The pigs were HUGE!
Folly Farm Trip 4
Folly Farm Trip 5
Folly Farm Trip 6
Folly Farm Trip 7
Folly Farm Trip 8 We saw Humph the camel.
Folly Farm Trip 9
Folly Farm Trip 10
Folly Farm Trip 11 The lions were amazing!
Folly Farm Trip 12

Making witchy potions

Making witchy potions 1 We loved dressing up as the witch!
Making witchy potions 2 We put in gruesome ingredients.
Making witchy potions 3
Making witchy potions 4 We used the magic wand.
Making witchy potions 5
Making witchy potions 6
Making witchy potions 7
Making witchy potions 8
Making witchy potions 9 Do you like my nose?
Making witchy potions 10
Making witchy potions 11
Making witchy potions 12
Making witchy potions 13 We came up with some great words!
Making witchy potions 14

ICT using beebots

ICT using beebots 1
ICT using beebots 2 We enjoyed delivering post using beebot.
ICT using beebots 3
ICT using beebots 4 We had to visit all the characters.
ICT using beebots 5
ICT using beebots 6
ICT using beebots 7
ICT using beebots 8 We wrote instructions at the table.
ICT using beebots 9 We worked together to direct the Jolly Postman.
ICT using beebots 10
ICT using beebots 11

St David's Day

St David's Day 1 We loved dressing up in Welsh costume.
St David's Day 2
St David's Day 3 We had our Eisteddfordd and perfrmed our poem.
St David's Day 4
St David's Day 5 The children's artwork was fantastic!
St David's Day 6 The Winners!
St David's Day 7 We had a lovely day!

Long Ago Lauch Day

Long Ago Lauch Day 1 We talked about life long ago.
Long Ago Lauch Day 2 We practised our handwriting.
Long Ago Lauch Day 3
Long Ago Lauch Day 4
Long Ago Lauch Day 5 We watched videos of a Victorian school.
Long Ago Lauch Day 6 We looked at artefacts.
Long Ago Lauch Day 7 We practised our drill.
Long Ago Lauch Day 8
Long Ago Lauch Day 9 We wrote on slates
Long Ago Lauch Day 10
Long Ago Lauch Day 11 We played in 'Sainsbury's Long Ago'
Long Ago Lauch Day 12
Long Ago Lauch Day 13 We wrote our school rules.
Long Ago Lauch Day 14
Long Ago Lauch Day 15
Long Ago Lauch Day 16

Techniquest Trip

Techniquest Trip 1
Techniquest Trip 2
Techniquest Trip 3
Techniquest Trip 4
Techniquest Trip 5
Techniquest Trip 6
Techniquest Trip 7
Techniquest Trip 8
Techniquest Trip 9
Techniquest Trip 10
Techniquest Trip 11
Techniquest Trip 12
Techniquest Trip 13
Techniquest Trip 14
Techniquest Trip 15
Techniquest Trip 16
Techniquest Trip 17
Techniquest Trip 18
Techniquest Trip 19
Techniquest Trip 20
Techniquest Trip 21
Techniquest Trip 22
Techniquest Trip 23
Techniquest Trip 24
Techniquest Trip 25
Techniquest Trip 26
Techniquest Trip 27

Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities.

Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 1 We decorated party cakes.
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 2
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 3
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 4 We wrote about celebrations.
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 5
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 6
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 7 We played party games.
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 8
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 9
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 10
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 11
Sparkling Celebrations Launch Day Activities. 12 Fun was had by all!!
RSPB Eco-Blitz - Today the children took part in the RSPB Eco-Blitz. The children enjoyed taking part in practical activities looking at animals and minibeasts in our outdoor area. We hunted for insects and found lots of different varieties. A fun time was had by all!

RSPB Eco-Blitz

RSPB Eco-Blitz 1
RSPB Eco-Blitz 2
RSPB Eco-Blitz 3
RSPB Eco-Blitz 4
RSPB Eco-Blitz 5
RSPB Eco-Blitz 6
RSPB Eco-Blitz 7
RSPB Eco-Blitz 8
RSPB Eco-Blitz 9
RSPB Eco-Blitz 10
RSPB Eco-Blitz 11
RSPB Eco-Blitz 12
RSPB Eco-Blitz 13
RSPB Eco-Blitz 14
RSPB Eco-Blitz 15
RSPB Eco-Blitz 16
RSPB Eco-Blitz 17
RSPB Eco-Blitz 18
RSPB Eco-Blitz 19
RSPB Eco-Blitz 20
RSPB Eco-Blitz 21
RSPB Eco-Blitz 22
RSPB Eco-Blitz 23
RSPB Eco-Blitz 24
RSPB Eco-Blitz 25
RSPB Eco-Blitz 26
RSPB Eco-Blitz 27
RSPB Eco-Blitz 28
RSPB Eco-Blitz 29
RSPB Eco-Blitz 30

Walk around Pentwyn

Walk around Pentwyn 1
Walk around Pentwyn 2
Walk around Pentwyn 3
Walk around Pentwyn 4
Walk around Pentwyn 5
Walk around Pentwyn 6
Walk around Pentwyn 7
Walk around Pentwyn 8
Walk around Pentwyn 9
Walk around Pentwyn 10
Walk around Pentwyn 11
Walk around Pentwyn 12