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Please ensure that you arrive at the school at the time allocated to you to ensure social distancing can be maintained.
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13th July 2020


This is a new and unusual time for everyone. If you have chosen not to return to school this week then you may not get the chance to meet your new teacher before September...but teachers love to receive letters from you and start to get to know you!

For your writing task this week we would like you to write a letter here to your new teacher - either Mrs Evans or Miss Murray. You can use this letter to tell them more about you and what you did during the spring and summer of 2020.


Attached below are three levels of challenge (one, two and three stars) along with a WAGOLL to help you structure your writing. You can choose your level of challenge using the templates provided along with how you present your letter. You may want to hand write your letter to showcase your beautiful handwriting or type up your letter to showcase your ICT skills! The choice is yours :) 


You can submit your letter via google classroom or e-mail it to your new class teacher using Hwbmail.

Miss Murray -

Mrs Evans -


We look forward to receiving your letters!




In preparation for our new topic in September we would like you to do some research into the following questions...


Can you find out where and when the first million pound cheque was signed? 

What period of history did this event take place?

What was happening in Wales at this time?


You can present your findings in a format of your choice. You might want to create a powerpoint, an information page or even a poster. The choice is yours :) 

You can submit your work via google classroom or email to your class teacher using Hwbmail.