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We are proud to be categorised as a Green School for the fourth successive year! Congratulations to everyone on this amazing achievement ! Our School Values: Honesty: We always tell the truth and earn the trust of each other. Friendship: We are kind in our thoughts, words and actions. Respect must be earned and maintained through our actions and behaviour. Perseverance: We learn positively from our mistakes and never give up. Ambitious: We dream big dreams and we want the best for our future. Resilience: We find the courage to overcome the obstacles and challenges we face in our lives. Responsibility: We take responsibility for our actions, our learning and our environment.
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As you know, regular attendance at school is very important.
Our targets for the next 3 years are…
                               2013/2014 94%                               2014/2015 94.5%                     2015/2016 95.0%

Some interesting facts …

  • In 2010/11 the average attendance for Primary Schools in Cardiff was 92.9%  Even this percentage is a loss of 13.5 days per pupil per year!


  • Patterns of attendance must start early or they affect education later on: Research shows that just 17 days missed from school can mean a drop of a GCSE grade across ALL subjects when children get to high school.


  • 90% attendance may sound good, but over a school year it actually adds up to half a day missed each week, or a nearly four weeks in total!

Mrs Constantinou and Mrs Price will be meeting with the School Attendance Officer on a regular basis to monitor all attendance. We will be focussing particularly on those children with attendance below 96%. You may receive a phone call or letter if your child’s attendance is low.
What we are going to do to help encourage better attendance…

  • Continue to reward children with 100% and 95% + attendance at the end of term.
  • Weekly class reward for best attending class.
  • Your child’s class teacher will discuss attendance with you at parents evening.
  • School Governors will work closely with us to monitor attendance.
  • Send letters to parents every fortnight to let them know if thier child's attendnce has fallen.
  • Ring you if we have a concern about your child's attendance.
  • Send out letters to every child each half term with attendance percentage for that half term.

What you can do…

  • Only keep your child away from school if absolutely necessary.
  • Inform the school in writing ( a short note) giving the reasons for any absences.
  • Let us know if you need any support in getting your child to school.
  • Take holidays in school-holiday time, not in term time.
  • Make dental and doctor appointments at the end of the school day where possible.

We look forward to working with you towards better attendance for our children.

UPDATE: Half Term Attendance Award! Year 6C and 2T won the attendance trophy for last half term with figures of 97.37% and 96.80% respectively. Well done