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School reopens on Monday, January 29th for all classes. Distance learning is provided online for all pupils. The school reopened on Wednesday 6th January to provide learning for vulnerable children and children of two critical workers. .
Telephone 02920 733694

Foundation Phase/Infant Staff 2020-2021


Nursery Teacher: Mrs S. Gallivan (pm)

Nursery Teaching Assistants: Mrs Karen Fitzsimmons  Ms Elaine Tapper


Reception Teachers: Miss Sian Bird

Reception Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jan West  


Year 1 Teachers:  Miss Nicola Roberts Mrs Holly Spearneas

Year 1 Teaching Assistants:  Ms Mari Hooper Ms Elaine Tapper ( am)

                                              Mrs Sarah Stimpson

Year 2 Teachers:  Miss Amy Binstead , Miss Kirsty Lynham

Year 2 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Helen McTavish  Mrs Claire Hinchley



PPA Teachers : Miss Claire Scott