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Our last day of term is Friday, July 22nd
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Governing Body Training

All our governors attend year round training provided by Cardiff council, which is now accessible via Microsoft Team online meetings. 


Online learning opportunities for school governors are additionally available from The Open University on this link .




Mandatory Training for Governors


All mandatory training is online and can be accessed here.


The online training is in assignment form and the following assignments are available:


Name of Course



Induction Training  for New Governors


All governors

Mandatory within one year of appointment


Understanding Data


All governors

Mandatory within one year of appointment


Chair of Governors Induction Training

Chairs of governors


Any interested governors


Mandatory within six months of election


New Clerk Induction Training


Clerks to governors

Mandatory within 12 months of appointment


Governors Role in Headteacher Performance Management

Chairs/Governors on the Performance Management Committee/Any interested governors


Requirement for those on the Performance Management Committee to complete the training

Effective Challenge and Support


All governors




Once you have completed the assignment(s) please email a copy of the certificate to to enable them to record completion of your training.


If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us Governor Services by e-mailing or by telephone: 02920 872912.













As soon as Governor Services publishes the programme of training for September 2022 - July 2023, it will be uploaded onto this page.


Thank you for your patience. 






Additional training presentations are provided at FGB meetings, and are continually

uploaded onto our Microsoft Team's FGB portal.





A new Governing Body Self-Evaluation Toolkit  has been produced and will change the way in which governors complete evaluations, which will now be as an agenda item in the Autumn term.




Glyncoed Governing Body Self Evaluation Annual Questionnaire Analysis

November 2021



Overall, how do we perceive our effectiveness in terms of organisation

and management of the Governing Body?


The Governors are satisfied that the Governing Body is well organised and successfully managed. It was noted that not all governors are regularly attending meetings, taking up training opportunities and checking their email, despite the GB changing to Microsoft Team format to ensure no one was excluded due to isolating etc



Action Point:  All governors to review their ability to commit to the role.

UPDATE:  MAY 2022 - Review completed and one community governor has advised they will be withdrawing in July 2022 due to increased work commitments.




Overall, how do we perceive our effectiveness in terms of our strategic direction

and the impact of our leadership?


The Governors are satisfied that the Governing Body is extremely effective in terms of its strategic direction and the impact the GB has as part of the leadership team.  It was noted, as it was last year, that not all governors make their voices heard and it was important to have everyone’s contribution.

It was further noted that the FGB frequently, but did not always, demand evidenced explanations behind SLT recommended actions.


Action Point: better participation and contribution from all members.

UPDATE:  APRIL 2022 - agreed reintroduction of the 5-minute presentation where individual governors each deliver meaningful presentation that adds to the FGB knowledge base.


Action Point:  Governors to always seek out evidence behind the rationale presented by the SLT.

UPDATE:  MAY 2022 - evidence of rigorous data interrogation presented in HT Annual Report .



Overall, how do we perceive our effectiveness in terms

of self-evaluation, including listening to learners and others?


The Governors are satisfied that the Governing Body self-evaluates honestly and continually, and that it responds accurately to the opinions of all stakeholders.  It was noted that due to covid restrictions, governors have not had the opportunity to undertake Link visits which provide an important contact event with the staff and pupils in their classroom environment.


Action Point: Arrange Link visits as soon as safely possible.

UPDATE:  Link Schedule agreed.




Glyncoed Governing Body has a Code of Conduct Policy to ensure all governors respect the confidentiality, propriety and ethics required of the role.  A copy of the Code is below.