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Reminder: May/June half term week: Monday, May 30th - Friday June 3rd.
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The Standards Subcommittee


Governors sitting on this committee: 


Sharon Hulley - Chair

Jack Cole - vice Chair

Kate Williams

Kirsty Lynham


Deputy HT (Advisory only)


Next Meeting - 9.30 am Monday, 14th February 2022








To ensure that strategies are in place to raise achievement for all pupils.

To ensure there is high quality teaching and learning across all Year groups.

To ensure reliable assessment and high quality tracking information for all learners.

To ensure the school has a curriculum that satisfies statutory requirements and meets the pupils’ needs including extension and enrichment activities.




Sharon Hulley, Jack Coles, Paul Lewis, Kate Williams, Teacher Governor

Appointment of members:          Annually by the full Governing Body.  Associate Members may be appointed by the Committee as appropriate.  Chair of Committee to be appointed at the first FGB meeting of each academic year.  Vice-Chair to be elected by committee members at the first committee meeting of each academic year.

Meetings:           At least once a term, to correspond with the rolling release of standards related data.  This enables the committee to examine the most up-to-date information.

Quorum:              Minimum of three non-staff governors.

Agendas:             Committee Chair to set the agenda in consultation with the teaching staff member Agendas to be distributed electronically to committee members at least seven days before each meeting.                          

Minutes:             Acting Notetaker to produce draft Minutes within one week of the date of the meeting and send them to the Committee Chair for approval.  Committee Chair to review Minutes and respond within 48 hours. Approved Minutes to be sent to the Headteacher and Chair of governors at least one week before the next scheduled FGB meeting and to be circulated to committee members with agendas.

Reporting back: Approved Minutes will be retained by the Committee Chair. Recommendations by the committee will be brought to the full Governing Body for ratification.

Ass’d policies:   Assessment; Attendance; Behaviour; Collective Worship; Foundation Phase; Educational Visits; Exclusion; Home School Agreement; Marking & Feedback Policy; Monitoring & Evaluation; ALN; LAC; Teaching & Learning and any other curriculum-related policies.





1.            To ensure on behalf of the Governing Body, that its strategic responsibility to raise standards is acted upon, using the objectives set out in the School Improvement Plan, and to monitor and evaluate this accordingly.

2.            To monitor how the curriculum, academic and pastoral, is delivered and organised, in light of any curriculum developments nationally.

3.            To ensure the quality assurance systems are in place to evidence the impact of curriculum, pastoral and academic teaching and learning on learners’ progress.

4.            To review and analyse the performance of the school, against national and local indicators, and to advise the Governing Body on any action required in order to sustain improvement.

5.            To review and analyse Assessment information, such as Incerts.

6.            To remain vigilant of how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.

7.            To review and monitor the arrangements for Assessment and the Outcomes of these Assessments.

8.            To monitor the implementation of any Action Plan resulting from Estyn inspections, in order to maintain progress.

9.            As required by the Governing Body, to recommend or approve annual key stage targets set.

10.          To ensure the requirements of pupils with Additional Learning Needs including SEN and MAT are met.

11.          To regularly review the impact of PDG & EIG.

12.          To receive regular reports from the Senior Leadership Team on the quality of teaching and learning, to identify areas for improvement, and ensure that any necessary action is taken to maximise Outcomes for pupils.

13.          In conjunction with the Headteacher, to set a timetable of governor Link visits and to receive appropriate reports following these visits.



Date approved by Committee:  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Review date: Autumn Term 2022