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Pupils return to school on Monday 6th September 2021: INSET Day 1 will be on Friday September 3rd, INSET Day 2 will be on Friday, September 24th
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Wellbeing & Community Subcommittee

Wellbeing and Community  subcommittee :        


Jack Coles - Chair

Jacky Brockway - vice Chair

Sue Matthews

Claire Thomas

Kate Williams

Rochelle Lane (Advisory only)


Next Meeting - 1.00 pm Monday, 10th May 2021







Function and Tasks:       

To monitor the school’s publicity, public presentation and relationships with the wider community;

In consultation with the Premises committee, monitor any community lettings;

In consultation with the Premises committee, periodically review the levels set out in the charges policy for the use of school premises;

Regularly examine the school’s contribution to pupil well-being, including the extent to which pupils feel safe, adopt healthy lifestyles and contribute to the school and wider community;

Monitor the effectiveness of adopted school policies and provision relating to home/school links and community cohesion;

Receive and respond to the views of pupils, how these are sought and taken into account in formulating school policy and practice;

Promote the engagement of parents and carers with the school; in particular how parental views are gathered and taken into account in developing school policy and practice, and how home-school links are developed and extended;

Contribute to the school’s plans and activities to project and promote its vision, values and achievements to parents and carers (current and potential), the wider community and local opinion formers;

Maintain the governor page on the school website;

Actively contribute to local group pages on social media which are designated as approved communication outlets by the Local Authority.




Jane Francis, Sue Matthews, Jacky Brockway, Mari Hooper

Appointment of members:          Annually by the full Governing Body.  Associate Members may be appointed by the Committee as appropriate.  Chair of Committee to be appointed at the first FGB meeting of each academic year.  Chair and Vice Chair to be elected by committee members at the first committee meeting of each academic year.

Meetings:           At least once a term, to correspond with FGB meetings.  This enables the committee to report the most up-to-date information.

Quorum:              Minimum of three governors.

Agendas:             Committee Chair to set and distribute electronically to committee members at least seven days before each meeting.                          

Minutes:             Acting Clerk to produce draft Minutes within one week of the date of the meeting and send them to the Committee Chair for approval.  Committee Chair to review Minutes and respond within 48 hours. Approved Minutes to be sent to the Headteacher and Chair of governors at least one week before next scheduled FGB meeting and to be circulated to committee members with agendas.

Reporting back: Approved Minutes will be retained by the Committee Chair. Recommendations by the committee will be brought to the full Governing Body for ratification.

Ass’d policies:   Attendance; Behaviour; Collective Worship; Educational Visits; Health & Wellbeing; Exclusion; Home School Agreement; ALN; LAC; Counter bullying, Civility;  Charging & Remissions; Expected behaviour; online use of social media; FoI.



Date approved by Committee:  21st October 2019

Review date: Autumn Term 2020