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Our School Values: Honesty: We always tell the truth and earn the trust of each other. Friendship: We are kind in our thoughts, words and actions. Respect must be earned and maintained through our actions and behaviour. Perseverance: We learn positively from our mistakes and never give up. Ambitious: We dream big dreams and we want the best for our future. Resilience: We find the courage to ovecome the obstacles and challenegs we face in our lives. Responsibility: We take responsibility for our actions, our learning and our environment.
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Croeso i Dosbarth Derbyn.

Welcome to Reception!


Thank you for visiting our class page.



Are we there yet?


The staff in your class this year are Miss Lynham, Miss John, Miss Maroof, Miss Wesson & Miss Tapper.


Personal and Social Development:

Our context this term is 'Are we there yet?' where we will be looking at different ways to get places. We hope your child will enjoy learning about the different jobs that people who work in transport do. We will also be encouraging the children to take more responsibility for their actions and learning by offering them more independence.




We will be learning to count forwards and backward to 20 accurately as well as orally counting on 'one more' and 'one less'. We will be practising counting all the way to 100 and extend our understanding of estimating big sets of objects.  We will be using our outdoor classroom and will be going on number hunts in our forest school areas.  We will be starting to solve problems involving number and doing simple addition and subtraction sums. If you could support them doing this at home with simple questions using their fingers that would be brilliant!



This term our focus will be on children learning their sounds through our investment in the Letters and Sounds programme. You can use the website: to support your child and gain further information. We will be learning how to retell and write our own stories. We will get to explore lots of different non-fiction texts and discuss how they are different to fiction stories. We have started to handle books for ourselves and discovered that reading is fun! We will also be making lots of marks with chalks, pens, paints and messy jelly. We want to inspire young writers through interesting activities to encourage making a mark independently.


Physical development:

This term we will be focusing on increasingly our fine motor skills and improving our strong, pincer grips for our handwriting. We will be writing confidently and using tools such as scissors to improve our cutting skills. We will be using handwriting motorway strategies such as using tweezers to put pompoms in bottles - try this yourselves at home! We will also become more co-ordinated with our gross motor skills as we grow. We will be using PESS dance schemes to learn how to retell stories through performance dance. We will also be learning to use different type of equipment in our games sessions and beginning to how to cope with winning and losing.


Please see our half termly Newsletters for Reception hints and tips.


We are going to continue to have lots of fun this year and can't wait to learn new things!

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