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Additional Learning Needs

Provision for pupils with Additional Learning Needs (ALN)


Provision for children with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) is changing. How does this affect procedures at Glyncoed Primary School?

Most children’s needs can be met by universal provision. This may include:


  • Completing work set at their level in class by their teacher

  • Using resources available to all children to support their learning

  • Receiving additional support through an intervention to boost their learning in an area of weakness Sometimes children may need a more personalised approach.


If this is the case the teacher will meet with the parents to come up with a personalised pupil support plan. This PSP gives a pupil Small, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant Targets to work on over a 6-8-week period. After the 6-8 weeks it is reviewed by the teacher with the parents and pupil.


The pupil may receive another 6-8 week SMART plan, or no longer need a plan at all. This process can continue until the pupil’s needs have been addressed.


After two 6-8 week plans if a child is still struggling to make progress they may need to be investigated to see if they have Additional Learning Needs (ALN). Pupils with ALN will usually have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age. A 35 term-time day (7 term-time week) process will begin. The teacher will work with the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator, other professionals, the parents and the pupil to decide whether the child does have ALN. A Person-Centred Meeting (PCM) will be scheduled for week 4 where evidence will be assessed and a decision will be made whether a learner has ALN.


If an ALN is identified an Individual Development Plan (IDP) will be written and the Additional Learning Provision will begin at the end of the 35 days.


If ALN is not identified then the pupil will continue with the 6-8 week PSP and parents will be directed on how to best support their child at home.


A parent may appeal the decision with the local authority. Who have 4-weeks to respond. For further information read the information on our website or visit the ALN section of the Welsh Government website.


Miss Lane

ALNCo / Assistant Headteacher

Glyncoed Primary School

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