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Pupils return to school on Monday 6th September 2021: INSET Days for 2021-2022:Friday September 3rd, Friday, September 24th, November 25th & 26th, February 10th & 11th.
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Eco Club

Our Fair Trade Week was a great success! We spent over £350 in our Fair Trade shop and sold over 400 Fair Trade bananas from our chocolate fountain!

We identified the different plants and flowers around our school grounds during Spring

What's Under our Feet Investigation?

Glyncoed Primary Eco Committee

Welcome to our Eco Committee Page

We are a like minded group of children and adults who are working together to improve the quality of our school environment. Our goal is to promote enviromental awareness as part of school life and in doing so we hope to decreasing Glyncoed's eco footprint.


This year we have opened the Eco Committee out to anyone from Years 1 to 6 as we feel we can have a bigger impact on improving our environment.


Miss Lynham is very excited to get started on our Eco Action Plan with all of the new members of this fantastic club!


Stay tuned here for more updates and read our weekly minutes which we will be publishing live!

Forest Schools: Forest School is an innovative and inspiring approach to learning and development which offers people of all ages opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences during regular visits to a local woodland site.

Useful Links and Contacts:

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Keep Wales Tidy - 

Countryside Council for Wales - 

Environment Agency Wales - 

Foundation for Environmental Education - 

NetRegs (Guidance on Environmental Regulations) - 

National Botanic Garden of Wales - 

National Museums and Galleries of Wales - 

SCAN project - 

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - 

National trust Office for Wales - 

Friends of the Earth Cymru -

Oxfam Cymru - 

Young Peoples Trust for the Environment - 

WWF Cymru - 

Wales Carbon Footprint - 


National Wetlands Centre Wales - 

Wildlife Trust- 


Sustainable Wales - 

Glyncoed Primary Eco Schools Action Plan 2017-2018

Eco Activities 2016-2017 Report

In Eco Club we do wide range of things that are concerned with environmental issues that come to our 21st century world so that our school will be one of the best in the country. As a school we do the best we can to keep a high reputation. This year we have taken part a lots of things like litter picking for our I-Can Eco Challenge, dealing with the problem of ‘Litter’ and learning about renewable energy in our Solar Energy workshops. We earned £250 for taking part in the ‘Litterless Project ‘ with Keep Wales Tidy which included us creating materials for a display on our problem and what we can do to solve it. All classes supported this project and we took the display to The National Museum of Wales where the public could talk to our pupils and try some of the activities that we developed. We have also been promoting saving energy throughout the school and by monitoring classes daily the pupils who have been Eco Warriors in the classroom. We give out the Energy Saving Penguin Awards each week in assembly to honour the winning classes. We also renewed our Platinum Eco Status for another year which was a great achievement and reflects our hard work and dedication to making a difference in our school and community.

A site for children with information, tips, quizzes etc on the world around the and how to look after it.

Free downloadable packs on how to look after the environment around us

Family Litter Pick March 7th

Eco Committee-Fun with nature

Eco Committee News Wednesday January 31st 2018

Today we had a meeting to discuss ideas for the Spring Term programme. Mrs Chapman told us about signing up with' The Welsh School of Architecture' to investigate the ecological impact of school buildings on the environment. This will add to our understanding of energy usage and how to make a difference in our school. We will be carrying out a Family Litter Pick to highlight 'Waste Week' on the 7th March...all welcome. We plan to deliver a 'Recycling Assembly' in class to the whole school-need to organise.



Eco Committee News Wednesday February 7th 2018

Today we carried out a school grounds inspection and litter pick. We were very pleasantly surprised that we only collected around half a bag of litter-which still included the odd crisp packet. Some litter included cans and bottles were thrown over the fence into our school.

Everyone enjoyed carrying out the litter pick.


Eco Committee News Wednesday 14th February 2018

Today we made posters to advertise the Family Litter Pick. The posters were collected and the Energy Monitors agreed to hang them up in suitable places in the school. Mr Green was asked to put the event on our Twitter page.


Eco Committee News Wednesday 28th February 2018

Meeting was cancelled due to the risk of snow.



Eco Committee News Wednesday 7th March 2018


Eco Committee News

Tuesday 17th October 2017:

Eco Committee were split into 4 amazing groups that re-created the Eco logo out of sticks and leaves. We had one year girl six from football club to choose a winner, she found it really hard to decide. After a long time of judging she finally found a winner (Group 1 and 2) this was a very fun activity to do (even though we ended up with muddy hands! And leaves stuck on our backs) we really enjoyed it!

Energy Saving Awards-Whole School-Week by Week-Winning Classes

Eco Committee News

Tuesday 24th October 2017

This week we have done our Eco code what we have to update every two years. We had two groups of 7 and 8 they both made there own Eco codes. They both had amazing ideas we have one that had Glyncoed going down it and enough have Eco Rules going down. We had a vote to pick which one would suite the Eco Code. The Eco Rules one won! But we are still using some of the other groups ideas. Get ready for our new Eco code! This is the New and updated Eco Code!

Glyncoed Primary School -ECO CODE 2017-2019

Enjoy walking to school

Community nature matters

Our world is precious to all

Reduce reuse recycle

Understand how to keep healthy

Litter-less lunch is good for the environment

Energy save it



Eco Committee News

Tuesday 7th November

We made Save Energy signs to go around the school to remind pupils and staff to switch off any lights that are not needed. Then we laminated them and placed them around the school.

Eco Committee News

Tuesday 14th November

This week  we went litter picking! After that we went to the forest school area and measured the planks of wood we sit on that are held up but our new logs and now it is time to get new planks of wood to sit on, for outdoor lessons. Because they are damp and a little bit mouldy, so some mushrooms have popped up around the area.


Eco Committee News

Tuesday 21st November

We had some branches for den building donated and delivered by the Cardiff Urban Rangers . Sadly they were opposite where we needed them to be so The Eco Committee moved them to where they needed to be! After that we played a couple games of bird hide ‘n’ seek where we have to hide 5 FAKE birds (don’t worry we aren’t savages) So after one or two rounds of the game we had a winner it was team 4. This week in The Eco Committee we went to the forest school area again!