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Parents/Carers are invited to meet with Estyn on Monday 4th July 3:45pm in the school hall.
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Breakfast @ Glyncoed

Natalie a medical student from Cardiff  University visited Breakfast' Glyncoed on 13.02.19.

Here's what some of the pupils said afterwards:

  • ‘I found out what I need to do if I want to become a doctor’ Robyn
  • ‘I liked Natalie- she inspired ne to be a doctor or a nurse.’ Huda
  • ‘I liked using the stethoscope.’ Joseph
  • ‘I found it interesting.’ Megan
  • ‘I would like Natalie to come again because I learnt new things and I want to learn more and I enjoyed trying the stethoscope.’ Ben
  • ‘I was inspired more than ever.’ Hassan
  • ‘I liked this because I want to be a midwife when I am older.’ Frankie
  • ‘I loved it and it made me learn more in my life and I wish to learn more.’ Amy
  • ‘I liked it when I heard Iwan’s heartbeat.’ Luca

‘I would rather have more of this breakfast stuff.’ Tubi

Some pupils checking each other's heartbeat with a stethoscope.