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13th July 2020

In preparation for our first year 3 topic (The Stone Age), we would like you to carry out some research. We did start looking at this in school on your transition day, but we’d like you to re-watch the story of Stone Age Boy (YouTube video below) to remind you who the Stone Age people were.


We would like you to use books and the internet to find out:

- When was the Stone Age Era?

- What clothes did they wear?

- Could they talk?

- What did they eat?

- Where did they live?

- What did they invent?

- What happened in the the Bronze Age and Iron Age?

Plus any additional facts that you can find.


You could write your research as a list, as an information booklet with pictures or in any way that you like.

Bring this research with you in September as it will help you when we will learn even more about this fascinating time in the past...


BONUS: Can you create your own Stone Age cave painting?

Stone Age Boy Book

Life in the New Stone Age - The Story of Britain (BBC Teach)

The Middle Stone Age - The Story of Britain (BBC Teach)