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Parents/Carers are invited to meet with Estyn on Monday 4th July 3:45pm in the school hall.
Telephone 02920 733694



Phase 1

This week encourage the children to listen to the sounds of different kinds of weather. Can they make the different sounds?Which is their favourite kind of weather. Maybe mark make a weather picture.

Phase 2

This week we are revisiting the sounds p i n .Play a matching game where the children match the object to the sound written down. Encourage the children to make the sound of the letters and draw the letter in the air with their magic finger!


Mathematics and Numeracy

This week we are looking at he size of objects ,comparing them and ordering them.Ask the children to find some thing that is large , small and medium size. Can they name and order? If your child is confident with this ask them to find sticks in the garden that are long or short.