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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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23rd March 2020



This week, please read the comprehension on page 4 and complete the answer questions on page 5 of your comprehension book.


Remember to read the text carefully before looking at the questions. Underline any key information if it helps you to remember it.  



This week please complete page 4 of your grammar book 'extending sentences'. 



Group 1 spellings need to work on page 4 as well as learn the attached spelling list.


Group 2 need to learn the attached list and put the words into interesting sentences. 



This week, please complete the abacus test. 

Remember you can do pictures and working out to help you.  



This week, please work on page 12 of the Penpals book. 


Look at the examples on the page first and copy their joins. 

Creative Writing


Write a letter to a loved one who is self isolating. Let them know that you miss them, how you are feeling, how you are keeping yourself busy and what you will do the next time you meet each other.


Remember to include your openers, interesting vocabulary, correct spellings and descriptive language.


WAGOLL example: 


Dear Auntie Julie, 

                         I am terribly sorry to hear that you are self isolating at the moment and wanted to write to you to cheer you up. I am glad that you do not have any symptoms but that you are keeping yourself safe indoors. 

                        At first, I was a little worried about schools closing but am getting used to it now. Each morning, I...