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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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Comprehension books (these were issued to all pupils this term as homework). Only complete the page for the book you’ve been given.

First Comprehension 1 – page 24-25 (What makes me move?)



Grammar books (these are newly issued)

Grammar book 2 – page 12 (Exclamations)


Task 3

Spelling books (previously used in class)

Spelling Book 2 – page 29 (Adding the prefixes 'un' and 'dis')


Task 4

Handwriting Books (previously used in class)

Page 31 (Unit 30 - Capitals)

Task 5

Creative Writing Task – This week we will be carrying on our stories from last week. Last week you should have completed the opener of the story which gave a character and setting description. This week we will be writing the middle section of the story- use the teaching video below to help you! We are looking at connectives this week (another word for connective is conjunction). Take a look at the worksheet and practise using them in sentences.


You can send your work back to the teachers by logging into Google Classrooms with your child's HWB login.


As usual please continue to read at home with your child. BugClub reading books are available online and teachers can monitor usage and update when new books need issuing.


Well done to those of you continuing to use BugClub to access your Abacus maths tasks. I've also uploaded the Homework Sheet & Problem Solving tasks to Google Classroom so you won't need to print them, you can add your answers digitally if this is easier.

This week focuses estimating and measuring lengths in centimetres and on telling the time to 5 minutes. Please feel free to do home learning tasks practically using these skills.


Task 1

Abacus Maths Game: Bingo 2.28 (Skill: Tell the time to the nearest five minutes using digital and analogue clocks)


Task 2

Abacus Homework Task: How long is a piece of string? What's the time? Train time puzzle (answer sheet also provided)


Task 3

Abacus Problem Solving: Fanned Fingers


Task 4

Abacus Problem Solving iPad game: Underwater Olympics

Task 5

Abacus Speaking & Listening: Ordering Clocks


Optional extras:

Abacus Mastery Checkpoints

Reasoning in the classroom (these are in a folder in our useful websites section)



Maths Support Video

Still image for this video