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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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This week’s home learning tasks are:



Early Comprehension 2 – page 14 (What else goes here?)

Early Comprehension 3 – page 14 (What will happen next?)

First Comprehension 1 – page 26-27 (A very small beetle)



Grammar book 2 – page 13 (Commands)


Task 3

Group 4 - Spelling Book 2 – page 30 (Tricky consonants 1)

Group 3 - Spelling Book 1 – page 36 (The 'k' sound)

Groups 1 & 2 -  Spelling Book 1 - page 13 (The 'ai' sound)


Task 4

Red Group – Unit 1 & Unit 2 - Practise joins on normal writing lines - focus on letter size, formation and joins.  
Blue Group – Page 19 (Unit 18 - Practising mixed joins for three letters: ing)

Yellow Group – Page 11 (Unit 10 - Writing numbers 1-100)


Task 5

Creative Writing Task - This week you will be writing the story ending. Use the video below to support you. I have also included a PP about speech marks as this is the main focus of this week's task. 


You can send your work back to the teachers by logging into Google Classrooms with your child's HWB login.


As usual please continue to read at home with your child. BugClub reading books are available online and teachers can monitor usage and update when new books need issuing.


This week focuses on adding by partitioning; finding differences; and on multiplying and dividing by counting in steps. Please use physical resources such as counters, rulers, number lines or squares to support.


Task 1

Abacus Maths Game: Pesky Pests 2 (Skill: Solve multiplications from the 2 and 10 times-tables by counting on in steps)


Task 2

Abacus Homework Task: Count up hops, Clever Counting & Missing Digit Mystery (answer sheet also provided)


Task 3

Abacus Problem Solving: Left Overs


Optional extras:

Abacus Mastery Checkpoints

Reasoning in the classroom (these are in a folder in our useful websites section)

Support Video

Still image for this video