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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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This week’s home learning tasks are:



Comprehension books (these were issued to all pupils this term as homework). Only complete the page for the book you’ve been given.

Early Comprehension 2 – page 10 (Animal Riddles)

Early Comprehension 3 – page 10 (What happens next?)

First Comprehension 1 – page 18-19 (Keeping warm in bed)



Grammar books (these are newly issued)

Grammar book 2 – page 9 (Verbs: past and present tense 2)


Task 3

Spelling books (previously used in class)

Group 4 - Spelling Book 2 – page 26 (Revision 2)

Group 3 - Spelling Book 1 – page 32 (adding 'ed')

Groups 1 & 2 -  Spelling Book 1 - page 9 (Tricky words 1)


Task 4

Handwriting Books (previously used in class)

Red Group – Page 28 (Unit 27 - Introducing joins to s: as, es, ws, ns, ds, is, ls, ts, ks)

Blue Group – Page 15 (Unit 14 - Introducing horizontal join to anticlockwise letters: oo, oa)

Yellow Group – Page 7 (Unit 6 - Introducing diagonal join to e: ie, ue)


Task 5

Creative Writing TaskAs our topic is 'The Scented Garden', this week we would like you to research a minibeast of your choice- it could be a caterpillar, butterfly or a ladybird. Share what you already know or have learnt about your minibeast. You can include your own drawings or use pictures you find when you research. You may even want to go on your own minibeast hunt to help you research!


Create a poster or minibook (see the youtube link for how to make one)


Remember to use the resources below to help you! I have included a minibeast reading comprehension as an example on how to layout your information poster- feel free to have a go answering the questions!


You can send your work back to the teachers by logging into Google Classrooms with your child's HWB login.


As usual please continue to read at home with your child. BugClub reading books are available online and teachers can monitor usage and update when new books need issuing.

How to Make a Quick and Easy 8 Page Mini-Book From One Piece of Paper


Well done to those of you continuing to use BugClub to access your Abacus maths tasks. I've also uploaded the Homework Sheet & Problem Solving tasks to Google Classroom so you won't need to print them, you can add your answers digitally if this is easier.

This week's Numeracy tasks all linked to halves and quarters so I'd love to see some practical learning experiences.
Maybe you could share out some biscuits, toast or pieces of fruit.

Task 1

Abacus Maths Game: Canopy Chaos (Skill: Find 1/2 and 1/4 of multiples of 2 and 4 up to 20, Find familiar fractions of small amounts)


Task 2

Abacus Homework Task: Doubling Diamonds, Happy halves and quick quarters (answer sheet also provided)


Task 3

Abacus Problem Solving: Jack's amazing beanstalk


Optional extras:

Abacus Mastery Checkpoints

Reasoning in the classroom (these are in a folder in our useful websites sectio