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Pupils return to school on Thursday, 6th January 2022. Please continue to support us by wearing face masks at the school gate - we want to keep our school open for all pupils.
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4th May 2020


  1. Practice the 10 spelling words of the week using the read, cover, write method.
  2. Complete Spelling book pg.28 'The 'or' sound'
  3. High Frequency Word sets have also been uploaded which correspond to the 'yellow words' you would normally find in the back of their home learning record - your child should continue to learn these set by set. 


  1. Reading comprehension book pg.7 'Right or Wrong!'
  2. All children have been assigned books on their BugClub account according to their appropriate level.


  1. Grammar book pg.12 'Using 'and' to join words'.


  1. PenPals for Handwriting workbook pg.23 'Practising ch unjoined'

Creative Writing Task

Continuing with our story The Pirates Next Door.

Task: Children to write a diary entry as Matilda describing how she felt about the pirate boy coming to visit. 

The Pirates Next Door


  1. Problem Solving workbook pg.7 & 8
  2. Fractions; money - All children have been assigned numeracy games, practice sheets, problem solving tasks and method videos on their Bug Club account to consolidate their skills.