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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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20th April 2020

Film competition 

As an extra little task, 'Into Film' are offering £20 voucher to the winner of their competition. All you have to do is write a 100 word review of any film of your choice. Just follow the simple instructions on this website:


Good luck.



Become a Hwb Hero!


Hwb Heroes Assemble! A call to children and young people to become Hwb Heroes


Wales Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, has launched an initiative to get the children and young people of Wales using their creativity to spread positive and entertaining messages online to older people who are currently self-isolating due to the Covid-19 lockdown.


If you want to take part in this, please follow the link below:


It would also be great if you send your messages to Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Eadie to put in our newsletters too!

100th birthday card for Captain Tom Moore



This week, please read the comprehension on page 8 and complete the answer questions on page 9 of your comprehension book.


Remember to read the text carefully before looking at the questions. Underline any key information if it helps you to remember it.  



This week please complete page 6 of your grammar book. 




Group 1 spellings need to work on page 6 as well as learn the attached spelling list.


Group 2 need to learn the attached list and put the words into interesting sentences. 




This week, please complete the abacus test. 

Remember you can do pictures and working out to help you.




This week, please work on page 14 of the Penpals book. 


Look at the examples on the page first and copy their joins. 


Creative Writing

Write a diary entry from a day in the trenches from WW1. Use the power point attached as well as this video clip to help you gain an insight to what the trenches were like.

 Write about how you are feeling, what the trenches are like (use your senses) and any surprises you’ve faced.


Remember to include correct punctuation, ambitious vocabulary and write in the first person.





Dear diary,

Today has been quite exciting but shocking actually. It was me and the lads first day training and seeing our trenches. Training was fun because I got to hold my rifle for the first time! The trenches were worse than I expected them to be. I know they're trenches but I thought we would have our own space. They are muddy, wet and smelly. I am feeling hungry, but the officers laughed shamefully at me when I asked for more food. The food is absolutely horrible. Getting decent hot food from the field kitchens to the front line trenches could be impossible. All I really had today was canned meat (which was horrible). Though this is my first day so I can't really complain. I would explain my day to day routine but I've forgot most of it. We basically have to wake up an hour before sun up and I was taught how to do patrols. Then we had breakfast and did our chores. To be honest we haven't done much today anyway.

In spite of that I'm looking forward for the adventure of a life time. At least that's what they told me when I signed up for the war. Would I say I'm patriotic? Kind of, I don't really want to get killed though, who would?


I have to go now as it is time to sleep. I am not hopeful for a lot of rest as I have to sleep on the damp floor of the trenches. 

From Arthur



Recording of diary entry