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Pupils return to school on Monday 6th September 2021: INSET Days for 2021-2022:Friday September 3rd, Friday, September 24th, November 25th & 26th, February 10th & 11th.
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Health and Well being

Physical Activity


Click the link below to complete a 30 minute PE session with Jo Wicks!


Today I would like you to read through the six scenarios below: 

  • Emma and Oliver are promised a puppy which is then not allowed in the flats where they live.
  • The holiday is cancelled because a relative of Roisin has to go into hospital.
  • Farida breaks her leg before her gymnastics competition.
  • Issa thought he would be selected for the school football team but finds out he is only the reserve.
  • Jacob finds out he is not to be in the same class as his friends next year.
  • The swimming pool party is cancelled at the last minute. 


Think about these three questions for each scenario:

1. How it might feel?

2. What might the person do in that situation?

3. How could they overcome the hurt that this situation might cause?


Can you think of a time when you felt disappointed or let down or when a dream you had was broken? 

Can you write a paragraph to describe what the situation was.

When you are writing your paragraph, think about these questions:

How did you feel?

How did you overcome the situation? 

How did you cope with that situation? What did you do?