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Reminder: May/June half term week: Monday, May 30th - Friday June 3rd.
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Health and Well-being

Today I would like you to think about the scenarios from last week:

  1. Emma and Oliver are promised a puppy which is then not allowed in the flats where they live.
  2. The holiday is cancelled because a relative of Roisin has to go into hospital.
  3. Farida breaks her leg before her gymnastics competition.
  4. Issa thought he would be selected for the school football team but finds out he is only the reserve.
  5. Jacob finds out he is not to be in the same class as his friends next year.
  6. The swimming pool party is cancelled at the last minute. 


I would like you to fill in the table scenario table attached.  

I want you to come up with a new plan and new goals for each scenario. 

How might they overcome their set-back? What could they do to make their situation better? Can you act out the new situation with someone in your household?