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Home Learner of the Week 26th June

This week’s star learner is Robyn for always adding ambitious vocabulary to her writing and completing her work to a high standard. This is Robyn’s fantastic persuasive letter.


                                                                                Seaweed Street,                                                                                                                                    Pacific Ocean,


                                                                                           DE57 K9.

                                                                       Wednesday 10th June

To whom it may concern,                                   

Most people don’t really think about the oceans therefore, the ocean is FULL of plastic and when the plastic goes into the ocean the sea creatures think the plastic is food and the beautiful sea creatures eat the plastic and because plastic isn’t food the sea creatures can die. So many sea creatures die of eating the plastic that animals like turtles are becoming extinct. If this carries on and does not change other sea creatures like fish and dolphins may begin to become extinct. Not only do animals die of eating rubbish (mostly plastic) the rubbish can get trapped around sea creatures' bodies and stuck around birds, like pelicans mouths so the pelicans and birds can’t eat.  Sea creatures will also die from the rubbish getting trapped around them because the rubbish may hurt the sea animals and stop them from being able to move and eat. Plastic is often found in sea animal stomachs causing them pain and then death. 


I think more people should start caring about the ocean. If this carries on, eventually the ocean will have no animals in it and instead of a sea creatures' habitat all there will be is a rubbish habitat (mostly plastic) and then it will start ruining our habitat a lot more. If this doesn’t change or stop it will increase plastic pollution, plastic pollution means plastic where it shouldn’t be, right now we're using more plastic than ever. At Least 8 million pieces of plastic are entering the oceans every single day and these are just current estimates. Plastic can last up to 450 years in the marine environment slowly turning into smaller and smaller pieces. Much of the plastic that does not end up in landfill sites is most likely to end up in the ocean. Each year between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean, most of the plastic in the ocean sinks to the watery depths of the sea. Even if it seems impossible there are more pieces of plastic in the sea then fish, each year we dump about 8 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean, that's nearly equivalent to about 57,000 blue whales each year. People are forgetting that some fish eat plastic and people might accidentally eat the fish that ate plastic so it's not just affecting fish it’s affecting us too.


Plastic is useful, if we didn’t have plastic, we wouldn’t have laptops, mobile phones and cars, because believe it or not everyone of these things have plastic in them. Diabetics use plastic for their disposable syringes; arthritic patients have it for their replaced hips; and construction workers use it to protect their heads. So plastic is useful we even use plastic bags to take our shopping home, but then we need to think about what some people do when they are at home and have unpacked their shopping most people throw the plastic bag they used away so they use it for a short amount of time but this takes 100-300 years to fragment. However, we need to think about the short-term use of plastic for example plastic water bottles and carrier bags. We know alternative products can be used as plastic straws are no longer allowed in the UK. When will we push for alternatives and educate people? 

Kind Regards