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Reminder: May/June half term week: Monday, May 30th - Friday June 3rd.
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Immersion Days

Nursery PM Immersion Day  Spring Term 2

Are Eggs Alive?

The children had great fun today .They watched chicks hatching out of eggs.

They made their own chocolate nests and counted out chocolate eggs.

They painted yellow chicks and used collage materials to make them fluffy.

They then went on a nature walk looking for signs of spring. 

Last of all they listened very well to the story of 'The Ugly Duckling' and were very good at describing the pictures .


Immersion Day Are Eggs Alive?

We had great fun today exploring eggs!! 

We went on an egg hunt to find frozen eggs. They had different animals inside hat hatch out of eggs- we had great fun smashing the eggs open to discover what was inside!

We made egg nest cakes by melting the chocolate and mixing in shredded wheat.

We took part in an Eggsperiment!!! We had to decide which materials were the best to stop the egg cracking. Some of us found out that material was the best at protecting the egg. We made lots of mess with broken eggs!!

What great fun we had exploring our topic How many colours in a rainbow!

We got creative with squirty paint, we made bubble pictures and colourful cookies. For snack we explored different colured fruit and vegetables!

How many colours in a rainbow?

Afternoon Nursery Immersion day Spring Term 1

How Many Colours in a Rainbow ?

We had wonderful fun with colour today.The children enjoyed listening to the story 'The Rainbow Fish' and made their own colourful fish for our class display.They built models with rainbow bricks and sorted by colour.Also they made rainbow biscuits using their favourite colour icing.Yummy !!!!

We had fun exploring our topic

Why Do You Love Me So Much?