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Pupils return to school on Monday 6th September 2021: INSET Days for 2021-2022:Friday September 3rd, Friday, September 24th, November 25th & 26th, February 10th & 11th.
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Working walls

'Where does our stuff come from?'

Immersion Day Autumn 2018


This half term our topic is, 'Where does our stuff come from?'. The children decided they wanted to launch the topic with a 'Fair Trade bake off'. The children brought in a variety of homemade bakes along with ingredients to make other delicious, healthy snacks.

We also created promotional material for fair trade products as well as creating advertising campaigns. The children were interesting in finding out where all the fruit comes from and they even calculated the food miles. Their final challenge was the taste test where they had the opportunity to taste a variety of exotic fruits from around the world.


"It was really fun to make fair trade cakes and decorate them in our teams." Maddie


"I really enjoyed making the cakes with my friends." Keidi


"It  was really good  to taste different fruits from all around the world. The persimmon was really sweet and interesting." Ijaz


"I always wanted to try fruits from around the world that I haven't eaten before!" Benjamin