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We are awaiting an update from Welsh Government regarding the reopening of schools. Distance learning is being provided online for all pupils. The school is providing learning for vulnerable children and children of two critical workers. .
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Literacy 12th January


WALT (We are learning today): Describe a voice sound .

Activity:  Listen to different voice sounds high low loud quiet long and short.

Try to copy that sound and describe it.

Outdoor: Can you identify loud or quiet sounds outside eg a bird chirping ,leaves blowing in the wing a car horn.

Challenge: Listen to ‘Squigglet’ introducing the letter sound ‘m’.

Try writing the letter m in a messy way or with a pencil or pen. Does your name begin with this sound or is it some where in your name?


WALT (We are learning today): Listening to a story and relating events to their own experience.

 Activity: Listen to the story ‘Happy Birthday Blue Kangaroo’ by Emma Chichester Clark

Challenge: Talk about their own birthday  .What did they do to celebrate it ? How old were they? Did they have a cake ? What was it like? What presents did they have ?


WALT (We are learning today):We write for different purposes.

Activity: Show some old birthday cards to demonstrate how we write to wish people Happy Birthday

Challenge: Try making a birthday card for someone and trace over the letters of your name starting at the correct place and holding the pencil in the correct pincer grip