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Our last day of term is Friday, July 22nd
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Literacy 12th January


WALT (We are learning today): Describe a voice sound .

Activity:  Listen to different voice sounds high low loud quiet long and short.

Try to copy that sound and describe it.

Outdoor: Can you identify loud or quiet sounds outside eg a bird chirping ,leaves blowing in the wing a car horn.

Challenge: Listen to ‘Squigglet’ introducing the letter sound ‘m’.

Try writing the letter m in a messy way or with a pencil or pen. Does your name begin with this sound or is it some where in your name?


WALT (We are learning today): Listening to a story and relating events to their own experience.

 Activity: Listen to the story ‘Happy Birthday Blue Kangaroo’ by Emma Chichester Clark

Challenge: Talk about their own birthday  .What did they do to celebrate it ? How old were they? Did they have a cake ? What was it like? What presents did they have ?


WALT (We are learning today):We write for different purposes.

Activity: Show some old birthday cards to demonstrate how we write to wish people Happy Birthday

Challenge: Try making a birthday card for someone and trace over the letters of your name starting at the correct place and holding the pencil in the correct pincer grip