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School reopens on Monday, January 29th for all classes. Distance learning is provided online for all pupils. The school reopened on Wednesday 6th January to provide learning for vulnerable children and children of two critical workers. .
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Literacy 19th January


WALT : Identify quiet/loud/long/short sounds using the percussion instruments.

Activity: Watch the video and name the different sounds.

 Challenge: Use your own musical instrument to make long short quiet and loud sounds.



WALT : Listen to a simple story and answer questions .

Activity: Listen to the story   ‘’Lucy’s Picture”   

Challenge: -Make your own picture like Lucy and describe how each part feels.’



WALT  :Draw a picture and think of a sentence to describe it.

Activity: Draw a picture of the dog ‘Honey’ in the story ‘Lucy’s Picture’ and think of a word or sentence to describe your picture.

Challenge: Try to mark make the ‘d ‘ for the word dog.