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Thank you to all parents/carers for your ongoing support by wearing masks and maintaining a 2m distance when dropping off and collecting pupils.
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Literacy 21st January


WALT : Identify weather sounds.

Activity: Listen to the video and guess the weather sounds


Challenge: Watch ‘Squigglet’ introduce the sound  ‘m’




WALT : Listen to a simple story and answer questions .

Activity: Listen to the story   ‘’Rumble in the Jungle”    

Challenge: - Think about which animals go in the water,stay on the jungle floor or live in the trees.    




WALT  :Draw a picture and think of a sentence to describe it.

Activity: Draw a picture and think of a sentence to describe your drawing.

Challenge:  Can you think of any animals which their name starting with some of the sounds we have been learning. s,a,t  p i n m  d g

Eg s for snake     t for tiger m for monkey