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Pupils return to school on Thursday, 6th January 2022. Please continue to support us by wearing face masks at the school gate - we want to keep our school open for all pupils.
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Literacy 22nd January


WALT : Identify traffic  sounds

Activity: Listen and try to guess the different vehicle.


Challenge: Watch ‘Squigglet’ learn about the sound ‘g’ ‘



WALT : Listen to a simple story and answer questions .

Activity: Listen to the story   ‘’The Bear that Wouldn’t Share”   

Challenge: - How many friends came to Bears party ? Can you remember all their names?



WALT  :Draw a picture and think of a sentence to describe it.

Activity: Listen to the story then draw your favourite animal.

Challenge: Can you remember the order of  the animals came to Bears house ?.Who was first then who came next? Who was last to arrive? .