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Thank you to all parents/carers for your ongoing support by wearing masks and maintaining a 2m distance when dropping off and collecting pupils.
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Literacy 27th January


WALT : Identify the mystery sounds.

Activity: Go to letters and sounds website and play the game ‘Sound Starter’

Letters and Sounds


Challenge: Practise the initial sounds we have been learning. Revise saying and writing the sounds  s a t  p i n  m  d g. Can you remember an object or animal to match his sound?


 Reading: Listen to a story and join in with repetitive phrases.

Activity: Listen to the story  ‘ The Enormous Watermelon’ and join in with the repetitive phrase.


Challenge: - Can you remember how many people and animals it took to pull up the turnip. Can you remember them in the correct order?


WALT  :Trace patterns .

Activity: Trace over and colour this pattern picture


Challenge:- trace over  Penpal Curly Caterpillar Letter ‘t’