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Please ensure that all parents/carers wear masks and maintain a 2m distance when dropping off and collecting pupils.
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Identify where animals sleep on a farm

Today we will be reading the story "Go sleep in your own bed"- see the YouTube link below. The book shares the different places farm animals sleep. Once you have watched the story, click on the teaching video for today's lesson. 

GO SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED! by Candace Fleming & Lori Nichols

It's bedtime on the farm. But Cow is in the pigsty....


For your activity today, I would like you to;


Red/Blue: draw a picture of each animal in the story and a picture of where they sleep. Label both. You can use this video to help you. EXTEND- Write a simple sentence- The cow lives in the shed.


Yellow/Orange: Choose 2 of the animals- draw them and label them. Next, draw a picture of where they sleep.


Green: Choose 2 of the animals- draw them and label them using your initial phonics sounds. Next, draw pictures of where they sleep.