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We are awaiting an update from Welsh Government regarding the reopening of schools. Distance learning is being provided online for all pupils. The school is providing learning for vulnerable children and children of two critical workers. .
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Literacy 18th January


WALT : Identifying percussion instruments and their sound .

Activity: Watch the video and name the different sounds.

 Challenge: Make your own musical instrument.

Look at the documents with the example pictures at the bottom of the page


WALT : Listen to a simple story and answer questions recalling the main events in the correct order.

Activity: Listen to the story   ‘’Little Red Riding Hood’   

Challenge: -Can you think of what happens in the beginning ,middle and end of the story



WALT  :How to draw and describe your drawing.

Activity: Draw a picture from the story ‘’Little Red Riding Hood’ and think of a word or sentence to describe your picture.

Challenge: Try to mark make the first letter sounds for apple pie .