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Our last day of term is Friday, July 22nd
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Literacy 4th January



WALT (We are learning today): to find sounds around us.


Activity:  Indoor: How many sounds can you hear inside your home (e.g a kettle boiling, a hairdryer, footsteps on the stairs) 

Outdoor: How many sounds can you hear outside your home (e.g weather sounds, cars on the road or dogs barking) 

Challenge: Revise the sounds, s  , a   , t.  Go on a sound hunt to find objects that begin with these sounds.  Sort the objects in 3 sets and name them. 




WALT (We are learning today): Listen and record the main events of the story.


Activity: Watch the video and recall the main events of the story.  Monday 4th January Book | Glyncoed Primary School ( 

Challenge: Retell the story when looking at the powerpoint with an adult.




WALT (We are learning today): Draw a picture of the snowman and write the letter 's'


Activity: draw a picture of the snowman. Younger children may find it easier to write the letter 's' in a messy way (eg in sand, salt)

Challenge: Using a pencil, pen or felt tip write the letter 'Ss. Don't forget to try and use the correct pincer grip.

Monday 4th January Book