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Our last day of term is Friday, July 22nd
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 Today I would like you to use your plan from yesterday to write the beginning of your story! 


Watch the video below to see me using my plan from yesterday.


How will you start your story? A long time ago... Once upon a time... 

Think about your main characters and how you are going to introduce them. 

Remember your 5 senses when describing your setting. What can you see? Smell? Taste? Touch? Hear? 


Bronze- I would like to see one paragraph for your opening, using lots of varied sentences. Think about what vocabulary you can use to make your sentences interesting. 


Silver- I would like you to write one or two paragraphs. I am looking for lots of interesting vocabulary. Can you use similes to describe your characters? What adjectives can you use? 


Gold- I would like you to write at least two paragraphs for the beginning of your story. Can you use similes and metaphors? What about alliteration and onomatopoeia?