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Reminder: May/June half term week: Monday, May 30th - Friday June 3rd.
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Finding patterns

This week we have been exploring patterns (both symmetrical patterns and patterns using shape and colour).


Today you have a choice of activities to complete! You don't have to complete all of them, but I ask you to do at least 1 activity. 


Activity1- Look for different patterns around your home or on a walk. What patterns can you see around you? 


Activity 2- If you go for a walk or have a garden, use natural resources to create your own patterns. You could use sticks, stones, leaves, etc. 


Activity 3- Continue exploring lines of symmetry in shapes and objects. You can use a mirror or the folding technique to help you.


Activity 4- Create some more patterns using colours, shapes, objects you have at home.


Activity 5- If you have any instruments at home, can you make a sound pattern?

Challenge Maths

If you would like to challenge yourselves further have a go at the worksheets below. Answers are included. These are optional.