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Please ensure that you arrive at the school at the time allocated to you to ensure social distancing can be maintained.
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Miss Lynham's Class Adventures

As some of you may have seen in last week's newsletter. Josh has been having a family sunflower competition. When he told me and Ms McTavish we wanted to get involved too. I know lots of you have been planting all kinds of flowers and plants in your gardens during your time at home. Why not go out and measure how tall they are so we can see who has the tallest flowers? You can email me photos and updates to share with your friends. 


Miss Lynham invites you to measure your flowers at home.

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Josh's sunflowers

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Ms McTavish's Sunflowers

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While We Can't Hug

I wanted to share this lovely book with you all. Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch.

Josh was so proud of being STAR of the week in this week's newsletter!

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I wanted to share some of the amazing maths work you've done this week! Amazing measuring of weight and capacity being used for your learning!

Lucas blending his smoothie.
Lucas' super recipe for his own smoothie.
Healthy and delicious!
Payton measuring the capacity of liquids.
Payton weighing out some ingredients
Mixing them together for her recipe.
A delicious reward for good maths work.
Josie measuring out ingredients for her recipe.
Jacob baking some tasty treats.

I wanted to read my Blue Day book to you from this week's newsletter.

I used my measuring skills to write down a recipe for my breakfast smoothie. Have a watch and I'd love to see some of your own recipes for this week's maths learning. Click on the link below.

Have a try and make your own.

Lucas has shared his own version of 'The Land of the Flibbertigibbets' by reading it aloud. What a fantastic idea and it's lovely to see and hear you whilst you're learning at home! Click on the link below!

How to make ICE CREAM - just click on the link below to watch my video

Finley's family made their own lockdown hand print art. If you'd like to create one of your own Finley has shared his recipe. 

What you need: 

> flour

> salt

> water

> oil 

> bowl (to mix it together in) 


What to do: 

1. First slowly add two cups of flour and one cup of salt.

2. Next gently pour 3/4 (3 quarters) of a cup of water in

3. After that drip in two spoonfuls of oil. 

4. Next you need to mix it all together and roll in out. 

5. Then press your hands into the salt dough and leave to dry in the sun.

6. Finally paint the hand prints with paint.