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Reminder: May/June half term week: Monday, May 30th - Friday June 3rd.
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Watch the video below and have a go to see if you can solve the problem!


Start off with a 3-digit number. 

Reverse the number and subtract the smaller number from the bigger number.

Reverse the answer and add that number to your answer. 

Write down our answer and repeat this with any 3-digit number!

Can you spot a pattern? 


Gold Challenge - Start off with 4-digit numbers and write down any patterns you spot! Explain why. 


Silver Challenge- Once you have had a go at doing this with 3-digit numbers, challenge yourself by repeating it with 4-digit numbers! Write down any patterns you spot. 


Bronze- Have a go with different 3-digit numbers! Roll a dice to pick all 3 numbers at random. You can use the virtual dice below