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Parents/Carers are invited to meet with Estyn on Monday 4th July 3:45pm in the school hall.
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Croeso i Feithrin

Welcome to Nursery

Summer 2 Overview Can We Explore It ?

Nursery Words to learn










Letters and Sounds in Nursery

In Nursery we concentrate on Phase 1 Letters and Sounds which focuses on the basic skills  needed for reading and writing and  includes singing lots of nursery rhymes,  playing listening games and using  musical instruments.
Things to try at home:- 

  • Play games like ‘I spy’ 
  • Sing songs and rhymes together
  • Make a ‘junk band’ with pots & pans 
  • Share lots of books together


Once children have mastered Phase 1 they move on to Phase 2. By the end of Phase 2 the children should know 24 sounds:-

s   a   t   p   i   n   m   d 

g   o   c  k   ck   e   u   r 

h   b   f   ff   l   ll   ss   le 

and be able to read 5 tricky words…
the  to  I  no  go
They should be able to orally blend cvc words e.g. when you sound out c-a-t, they can tell you the word is cat, and also orally segment cvc words e.g. when you say mum, they can pick out the sounds m-u-m.

position-Following Instructions

Royal Wedding Party

Summer 1 Half Term Overview

                                                        Welcome back to Summer Term 1


This term our Cornerstone Context is called 'What is a Shadow?'

This is a Science based context which provides opportunities for investigating light and dark through exciting activities.

Please take a look at this half term overview and share with your children some of the fun ideas we will be covering.

Spring 2 School Trip Letter Cefn Mably Farm

Spring Term 2 Overview 'Are Eggs Alive?'

Spring Term 1 Overview-'How Many Colours in a Rainbow ?'

Autumn 2 Newsletter to Parents

Thank you for visiting our Nursery web page. We hope you find it useful.

Our topic for this half term is 'Guess how much I Love You?'. Scroll down to see our new topic overview.

Nursery Times


9.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

(Doors will be open at 11.20 a.m.)



12.45 p.m. to 3.15 p.m.

(Doors will be open at 3.05 p.m.)











How you can help your child settle into Nursery



  • Encourage your child to use the toilet independently, wipe themselves, pull the flush and wash his/her hands.


  • Encourage your child to take off and put on their own coat.


  • Dress your child in school uniform and sensible shoes for an active Nursery session. Your child will need a coat for outdoor play and a sunhat during hot weather. Put your child’s name on EVERYTHING! That way staff can return lost coats, clothes or shoes to their rightful owners!


  • If your child is unable to attend Nursery, please contact the school to let us know. (02920733694)


  • Please inform us about any allergies or problems your child may have and if there is a reason why your child may be upset. We will always try to help.


  • Please make sure that an adult brings your child and sees them safely into the Nursery. Please also make sure that an adult collects your child from Nursery at the end of the session.


  • Please notify a member of staff if your child is to be collected by somebody who is not known to us, giving us a name and brief description


  • We do not encourage children to bring in toys from home as they can get lost or broken.


  • We ask you to contribute £1.00 per week to cover the cost of the children’s daily snack. Money will be collected on a Monday each week.


  • Please do not let your child bring sweets, biscuits, crisps or drinks to Nursery.






Our Special Visitor-Mr Cooper Plant-Urban Ranger

Cefn Mably Farm Park

World Book Day

St David's Day

Spring 1 How many Colours in a Rainbow?

Nursery Fun!


Autumn 2 Why Do Leaves Go Crispy?

Christmas Party

Nursery fun in the rain, in the hall and in the classroom-science and maths