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Nurture Class Year 1

What is ‘The Blooming Marvellous Nurture Club’?

The Blooming Marvellous Club at Glyncoed Primary School is a small class of around 8-9 Year 1 children with identified social, emotional and/or behavioural needs.  They may be children who feel insecure in school or who are in need of more adult support than can be provided in their class.   
Children have the opportunity to develop one-to-one relationships with staff and other children in a consistent and predictable environment, building self esteem, confidence and independence.

The main aim of the nurture group is to give children the skills needed to be able to effectively return to their mainstream class between 4 and 8 terms.

How are the children taught in ‘The Blooming Marvellous Nurture Club’?

Nurture group staff work and plan activities ensuring that the same skills and objectives are taught as their peers, meaning that whilst there is a focus on social skills within the nurture class the children still have full access to all areas of the curriculum. 

The teacher plans a child-centred timetable ensuring that different learning styles are catered for, that learning is purposeful and practical and most importantly fun for the children to engage in. 

Children work one to one with an adult, in pairs and in small groups and their levels of achievement are raised by carefully targeted teaching/learning opportunities. 

In order to teach various social skills such as turn taking and sharing, the children prepare and eat snack together on the four afternoons.  During this time, staff model positive relationships and there is also an emphasis on the development of language and communication skills.

The children focus on two specific social targets each term.  The targets are displayed in the classroom and the children are encouraged to self assess them at the end of every day thus giving them some responsibility for their own learning.  Through carefully planned lessons and evaluations academic progress is continually assessed and is in accordance to normal school guidelines.

The children’s placement in the Nurture Class is reviewed every two terms when a Boxall Profile is completed to assess progress.  All assessments and targets are shared with class teachers and parents/carers regularly ensuring a productive partnership to ensure every child reaches their full potential both socially and academically.




When will my child be in ‘The Blooming Marvellous’ Nurture Club?

 The children will attend four afternoons per week.  On Thursday afternoon the children will return to their usual class.  

During morning sessions it is also possible for nurture staff to support the children when necessary.  Children will have playtimes, lunchtimes with the rest of their peers.

Can I come and visit the nurture class?

All parents/carers and class teachers are asked to come and visit the nurture class to see what we do and offer on a soon to be arranged open visit day.   

We believe that in order for a child to succeed there should be a strong partnership between parents/carers, nurture staff, class teacher and the children themselves.

Who will be working in ‘The Blooming Marvellous Nurture Class’?      

Mrs D.Chapman Class Teacher

Miss E.Tapper Teaching Assistant




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The Blooming Marvellous Nurture Club