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Chinese New Year

Last week we celebrated New Year in the UK. This week we are going to learn a little bit about Chinese New Year.

You can watch the YouTube video below of one story of Chinese New Year and then watch the teaching video to hear your activities. 

CBeebies | Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) | Zodiac Story

Learn how the Zodiac years were named by the Jade Emperor.


For your RE activity this week I have created 3 separate challenges. You can complete 1 challenge, 2 challenges or all 3. It is completely up to you!


Challenge 1- This year is the Year of the Ox. Draw a picture of the Ox and label him. Think of 3 adjectives to describe the Ox.


Challenge 2- Find out what year you were born. Draw a picture of that animal and label with 3 adjectives to describe.


Challenge 3- Retell the story of Chinese New Year. You can draw pictures of what happens and write simple sentences or label the pictures to describe.