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Thank you to all parents/carers for your ongoing support by wearing masks and maintaining a 2m distance when dropping off and collecting pupils.
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School Toilet  Action Group




STAG is a pupil voice group that allows ‘us’ the children to voice our concerns and ideas about the toilets. 

It’s our opportunity to use our voices and act on it.

As a group we put together an action plan to improve the toilets for children at Glyncoed Primary School and so far we have made lots of positive changes. 

The main points on the action plan were: 
* soap
* appearance

We have been working hard to improve these three areas.
So far we have painted the toilets and trained how to use Glitter bugs. 

We are also excitedly waiting for our groovy new toilet seats to come! Check them out below! 




We have lots of new ideas of how to improve the toilets.
We will keep you updated on this page!