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Every Friday whole school newsletters are uploaded to the News and Events section and Class Newsletters are uploaded to the Children's Section under Class Pages. Thank you for sharing the wonderful home learning activities you are doing with your children.
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(School Welsh Action Group)


The School Welsh Action Group is concerned with promoting the Welsh language in Glyncoed school. The children already use a lot of Welsh in their lessons and around the school. Now the group is aiming to improve Welsh in the playground. We hope the weather will improve as we want to set up a CORNEL CYMRAEG ( Welsh corner ). Here children will sit and complete Welsh puzzles or read Welsh books. We are also going to teach the children simple welsh games like " Mae'r ffermwr yn y den" ( The Farmer's in his den) and " Beth yw'r amser Mr. Blaidd ?" ( What's the time Mr Wolf?). If you have any ideas please let us know and if you have old Welsh books we would be happy to have them. Diolch yn fawr! 
Mrs Jarvis and SWAG.