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School reopens on Monday, January 29th for all classes. Distance learning is provided online for all pupils. The school reopened on Wednesday 6th January to provide learning for vulnerable children and children of two critical workers. .
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Today I would like you take on the role of Torvil. 

Think about the character and what he is like. How might he speak? What might his voice sound like? Will he be in a panic or will he be confident and loud?

Work through Chapter Five and find parts that you can act out. Record yourselves doing this. Remember to use a loud, clear, voice with plenty of expression. 

Can you think of other things Torvil might say? Act out these conversations.

If you can find someone in your household to hot seat with, you could take on the role of the character and maybe they can take on the role and you ask them questions.

Please send your video to me through the contact page on the website.


Have a lovely Christmas!