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School reopens on Monday, January 29th for all classes. Distance learning is provided online for all pupils. The school reopened on Wednesday 6th January to provide learning for vulnerable children and children of two critical workers. .
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Year 6

Croeso i Flwyddyn 6!
Welcome to Year 6!

                  Well what a busy Summer Term we have got ahead of us! 

The Summer term is a busy term for transition. During the next 14 weeks you will have the chance to visit your new high school, as well as meet with some of the teachers and pupils. You will also have the chance to choose a buddy for your new class next year. Think carefully about this - who do you work well with? Who has always been a good friend? We can help you make this choice if you need some advice. 

This term, we will have the chance to attend one educational trip, which will be confirmed next week. We will also be attending not one, but TWO pleasure trips: Harry Potter and a day out at Westmidlands Safari Park, to celebrate your time at Glyncoed Primary School. The trip to the Harry Potter Studios was absoluately fantastic. We saw some wonderful sights and your behaviour was golden - well done you. We look forward to giving you details of our upcoming trips soon.
Below, you fill find an overview of the topics we are covering this term in year 6.


  • Narrative techniques - exploring the writing techniques used in 'The Eye of the Wolf'.
  • Author study - studying the writing style of the author of the best selling 'Millions'.
  • Poetic voice - reading poems by Benjamin Zephaniah and Ted Hughes.

We will be revising all of the topics we have covered this year in our warm-ups and focused lessons, but this is what we have left to cover:

  • Capacity; probability; data (pie charts); ratio and proportion; symmetry; perimeter; time; division; prime numbers and factors.


  • Reversible and irreversible changes - here we will have the chance to do a range of practical experiments.
  • Sustainable materials.


  • Revision and application of 1st and 3 person to talk about and describe.
  • A range of reading, including reading for pleasure.
  • Developing oracy skills, including extending our sentences.


  • Spreadsheets - designing and amending spreadsheets.
  • Databases - creating and exploring the features of databases.
  • We may also be involved in a really exciting project involving iPods - to be confirmed soon!


  • Landmarks - discussing and exploring the important mile-stones in your lives.
  • SEAL: Getting on and falling out - exploring relationships.
  • Values - Freedom.
  • Sex Education - we will be finishing off our lessons from the scheme.


  • Exploring musical processes.
  • Performing together.



  • Mountains - exploring and discovering all about the different mountainous environments.


  • List Since 1948: we will be exploring how life in Britain, especially Wales, has changed since 1948.
  • You will have the chance to complete your own historical enquiry.


  • PE and Games:
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance - Shoelace module.
  • Games - athletics

Art and DT:

  • Art - A Sense of Place: we will be exploring local landmarks and scenery.
  • DT - Controllable vehicles: making moving games.



All pupils will need their outdoor games kit on a Friday and their indoor PE kit on a Thursday. Outdoor kit needs to include jogging bottoms, a long sleeved top and trainers. For indoor PE, pupils need shorts and a T-shirt. Pupils are also encouraged to bring a bottle of water. 

We look forward to sharing this exciting term with you.


Mrs Chapman and Mrs Curtis