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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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11th May 2020

Become a Hwb Hero!


Hwb Heroes Assemble! A call to children and young people to become Hwb Heroes


Wales Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, has launched an initiative to get the children and young people of Wales using their creativity to spread positive and entertaining messages online to older people who are currently self-isolating due to the Covid-19 lockdown.


If you want to take part in this, please follow the link below:


It would also be great if you send your messages to Mr Stevens or Miss Murray to put in our newsletters too!




Please complete page 9 - Tricky words  from Schofield and Sims spelling workbook 


Spelling words are attached below. Practice using read, cover, write, check method:



Please complete page 8 - Passive voice from Schofield and Sims grammar booklet.


Please complete pages 14-15 - Mammoth Find from Schofield and Sims comprehension booklets.


There are writing activities attached below: 


6M literacy -  This week I would like you to write a persuasive letter to a superhero, persuading them to give up their superhero life and do something different with their life! I have attached a WAGOLL for you to read. I have chosen to write to Robin, encouraging him to give up his life with Batman and go back to school to get qualifications and a respectable job! You could write to Superman and encourage him to give up his superpowers and settle down with Lois Lane or maybe write to The Hulk and suggest he takes some anger management and live a regular life as Eric Banner. Remember you will need to include convincing reasons and persuasive language. Please login onto Microsoft teams to view the assignment and success criteria.


6S literacy - This week is a bit different.  On Microsoft Teams I am going to post the first two chapters of the next book we will read.  I am going to split you into groups and you will have group discussion on Teams about the chapter you have read.  I will post questions for you to respond to to give you a stimulus.  You can use all the sentence starter skills we have learnt and respond to others e.g. I understand what you have said ..... but I believe that .......    

This can go on throughout the week.

Project X Group - Mrs Williams would like you to write a non-chronological report on a topic of your choice. There is a WAGOLL included to remind you of the correct features. There is also a comprehension activity for you to complete as well.