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Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track! Let's get attendance back on track!
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18th May 2020

 How Have You Been Feeling?

Sally Holland the Children's Commissioner wants to know about any worries you have ,how have you been spending your time and also about the things that have made you happy. Sally wants to make sure she is  doing her best to support  all children and young people in Wales.  

We would like ALL pupils to complete this survey. It should only take 5 minutes. Please send an email to your child's class teacher confirming you have completed it .It closes on the 27th May.

Please share your views by following this link:




Creative Writing 

Developing your child's understanding of night and day this  week they could find out about nocturnal animals .They could watch this simple video on You Tube -Nocturnal Animals -Kids Stories-Kids educational videos. Encourage the children to name and describe the different animals.Perhaps finding out what these animals hunt and where they live.Perhaps your child might have a book about one of these animals they might enjoy looking at.

Following on from this ask your child to draw or colour a nocturnal animal and attempt  to write it's name.If your child is more confident in hearing and writing sounds encourage them to think and write  the first sound in the name ,then saying the word slowly listen for any other sounds they might recognise.Then lastly can they hear  and write the final sound in the name? If your child is not yet ready for this then let them mark make with lines and scribbles with their own 'writing'.



Remember to sing nursery rhymes  and share stories every day with your child as this is an important way of developing their speech.



This week the morning children as well as practicing their name could revise how to write some of the curly caterpillar letters from our Penpals handwriting scheme of work.These letters are c a d g q e s f. Practise writing one or two letters a day in a multi sensory way to help develop correct formation.

This video demonstrates how to form these letters.


Afternoon nursery children  can explore zig zag writing patterns through the Squigglet Dinosaur video.

Encourage your child to have a go on their own 'squiggle pads'.Remember this can be in a multi sensory way not always with a pencil and paper.


As well as exploring books on our on line reading resource  Bug Club your child might like to listen to the story 'Owl Babies'.

This is a story that will help develop your child's understanding about nocturnal animals .It also provides discussion about feelings.


The morning children need to continue to recap all of the Phase 2 sounds covered so far. Please use the phonics play website to practise and reinforce recognition of sounds s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff i ll and ss. To extend your child's understanding they could make collections of different objects beginning with that sound.

To develop your child's ability to build words watch Jack Hartmann Word Family -in  Phonic Song for Kids

Also recap -at words

Afternoon children this week could try to guess an animal from a set of clues then try to make it's sound. Also they could think about the sounds made by different vehicles.BBC Sound Stimulus programmes,is a very good website to develop sound recognition.


This week the focus is on time.For the morning children show your child a clock face explaining why we use clocks.See how many numbers they can recognise. Let your child practise counting the numbers around the clock then see if they can recognise them out of sequence.Your child might like to make their own clock face .Let them practise writing or tracing over numbers then arrange the numbers in the correct sequence.

For both the morning and afternoon nursery children remember to talk to your child about the different times of the day like morning, afternoon and evening .Ask your child to think about what they do at these times  eg in the morning I get out of bed ,wash,dress and have breakfast. Encourage them to sequence events talking about which come before and after.

Also can you help your child to learn the days of the week.This can be learnt through songs like '7 days a week The Learning Station'  https://youtu.be3tx0ruvuXIRg.

We hope you have fun with the activities .Please send any photographs of your child's home learning to Mrs Evans or Mrs Gallivan .We love to celebrate the children's achievements  through our 'Star of the Week' on our  wellbeing newsletter.

Childrens Commissioner for Wales Survey

The Children's Commissioner for Wales has published a survey to find out about hoe children feel and have been dealing with lockdown. Please use the link below to complete the survey.


There are also some ideas for activities for you to try at home with your child. They are attached below.