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Parents/Carers are invited to meet with Estyn on Monday 4th July 3:45pm in the school hall.
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1st June 2020

Become a Hwb Hero!


Hwb Heroes Assemble! A call to  children and young people to become Hwb Heroes


Wales Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, has launched an initiative to get the children and young people of Wales using their creativity to spread positive and entertaining messages online to older people who are currently self-isolating due to the Covid-19 lockdown.


If you want to take part in this, please follow the link below: 


It would also be great if you send your messages to Mr Stevens or Miss Murray to put in our newsletters too!



Please complete page 11 - Unstressed consonants from Schofield and Sims spelling workbook 


Spelling words are attached below. Practice using read, cover, write, check method:



Please complete page 10 – Synonyms from Schofield and Sims grammar booklet.


Please complete pages 18-19 – Child employment from Schofield and Sims comprehension booklets.


There are writing activities attached below: 


6M literacy - This week I would like you to write a poem that conveys feelings, moods or reflections. During these difficult times it is important that we focus on thinking positively and thinking about things that make us happy! I started by making a list of all the simple things that make me happy for example: eating an ice cream, feeling the sunshine on my face and smelling freshly cut flowers. I then turned my thoughts into a poem using the structure in the WAGOLL. You will notice that my poem does not rhyme, these types of poems are all about creating verses that show how you are feeling. Read the WAGOLL to get an idea of the structure then start by creating a list of simple things that make you happy. Once you have your list you can start to create your poem! Please login onto Microsoft teams to view the assignment and success criteria.


6S literacy - Read the next chapter of our class book. Log onto teams to see the weekly discussion questions.  We know that 

Damien is fascinated by saints.  This week can you write a non chronological report on something that really interests you.  It could be something we have previously done in school e.g. World War 2, it could be a hobby of yours e.g. gymnastics. I have attached a WAGOLL for you to see an example. Please login onto Microsoft teams to view the assignment and success criteria.


Project X Group - Mrs Williams would like you to write a set of instructions on how to care for an animal of your choice. Make sure you use the WAGOLL to remind you of the features and correct structure