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Reminder: May/June half term week: Monday, May 30th - Friday June 3rd.
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23rd March 2020



Please complete page 4 - Representing sounds from the Schofield and Sims Spelling Workbook


Please see individual spelling words below. 



Please complete pages 4-5 The rooks' parliament from Schofield and Sims comprehension booklet.


Please complete page 4 - Subordinate clauses from Schofield and Sims grammar booklet.


6M - writing task is to take a traditional fairy tale and re-write it as an Egyptian fairy tale. On the template below there are three different challenges for you to choose from with key vocabulary to help you. 


6S - Write your own dilemma story based on the balaclava boys.  Please sign into Teams to see the success criteria





This week, please work on pages 10 and 11 of the Penpals workbook. 


Look at the examples on the page first and copy their joins. Please then practice these joins on lined paper but adding key words into sentences.