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Our last day of term is Friday, July 22nd
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29th June 2020



Please complete page 16 - Prefixes to support spelling from Schofield and Sims spelling workbook 


Spelling words are attached below. Practice using read, cover, write, check method:



Please complete page 14 and 15 – Revision from Schofield and Sims grammar booklet.


Please complete pages 26-27 – Diogenes and the Cynics from Schofield and Sims comprehension booklets.


This week's writing task is focussed on transition: 


For your assignment this week we would like to write a formal letter to introduce yourself to your new high school form tutor. Plan out your letter and write it up neatly to make the best first impression. Don’t forget to:

  • organise your points into detailed paragraphs;

  • use formal sentence starters, such as ‘I would like to express....


Use the resources and WAGOLL below to help you get started. Please login onto Microsoft teams to view the assignment and success criteria.

Project X Group - Mrs Williams would like you to read and sort metaphors and similes into the table using the description and examples as support.