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School reopens on Monday, January 29th for all classes. Distance learning is provided online for all pupils. The school reopened on Wednesday 6th January to provide learning for vulnerable children and children of two critical workers. .
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29th June 2020



This week, please read the comprehension on page 26 and complete the answer questions on page 27 of your comprehension book.




This week please complete pages 16 and 17 your grammar book 'Writing task 1'. 



We have now completed all the spellings for year 5! Now it is time to revise them. Go back through your book from page 1, and choose a spelling page you struggled with and practise those spellings again.



This week please complete the attached practise test paper at the bottom of this page. 

There is also a problem solving task for you to complete - you can send your answers to us on Google Classrooms on Hwb.



Complete the creative writing task below. 



This week you will find out about palm oil. Read through the powerpoint and then use this to design your own logo. There is also an ebook for you to read.



Find out about the famous scientist then answer the research questions.